Friday, November 19, 2010

Guitar controller – Part III

A quick update on the guitar controller to say that this project is going quite well. I’ve decided to forget the hacked USB keyboard approach since I couldn’t fix the latency issue. I bought a midi CPU from Highly Liquid and I’ve no regrets. This will give me a more stable controller down the road.

I also bought some low profile arcade buttons, since I was unsatisfied with all other SPST switches I’ve come across These switches have amazing response, require little effort to activate and jump back to open in a flash.

Next: Wiring all buttons on the neck, installing buttons on the guitar body and finding a tilt switch.


  1. Emily says nice buttons.

    I say I want to see more you tube specialisation is for insects podcasts!

    Looking forward to the first live show.


  2. Thanks folks!

    You can expect more videos, since my new macbook pro makes it very quick and easy to do with its built-in camera and microphone... I don't hace to setup any more equipment.

    The first live show will likely be a live video stream on a service like or