Sunday, March 24, 2013

2012 - My year in review

A couple months ago, I made a track for a Disquiet Junto project called audio journal. Here is my contribution:

The year 2012 was quite good to me… On the personal side, the high point was the birth of my daughter Myriam in February and that adventure keeps getting better all the time.

On the musical side of things, I had a great year. I contributed to my first Chain Tape-Collective project, CT-One minute. One of the two tracks I submitted to that project, Twice Through the Looking Glass, was later selected for the 2012 60x60 Canadian Mix and has been heard in concerts all over Canada.

In May I released sans jamais ni demain, an album of electroacoustic compositions that brought together most of my musical ideas up to that point. Over the summer I took a class in Max at the Massachusetts College of Arts and Design, released my first iOS app and made headway in the development of my meta-trombone. I also created a fun and intuitive vocal instrument in Bidule. Below is a video of a test performance, in case you missed it the first time around:

In October I had the pleasure of playing two concerts at the Y2KX+2 Livelooping festival in San Jose and Santa Cruz. Not only did I meet some great people, I used the recordings from those performances to document my work on the meta-trombone. While I was in California, I also released my second iOS app, OSCNotation, which I've recently updated and discussed on this blog.

In November I joined the Disquiet Junto and produced my first track with project 48 - libertederive:

I enjoy the challenge of making music within the constraints of each project.  As the above track should make clear, it prompts me to create music I would not otherwise create.

Things to come

The present year should be equally awesome…  For starters, I'm in the middle of a world tour to promote my meta-trombone:

  • Toronto (March)
  • New York City (May)
  • Brooklyn (May)
  • Paris (July)
  • Cologne (July)

Also, I have two musical releases planned and a new app for OS X and Windows in the works.

Keep the schedule hectic!



  1. What a year!

    Looking at your Disquiet Junto contributions, my favorite title is Ice,Ice, Batman. Though As a man does take the cake.

    Have a blast on your world tour!


  2. Thanks for collaborating with us in Toronto Sylvain. Hope the other meta-trombone performances blow them away!